How to use the service

1. Basic principles

1.1. provides a platform for the services of search and booking of programs and trips for extreme sports.

1.2. is not directly involved in the organization of these training programs or trips, limited only by the provision of contact information  of the organizer directly to a user who is a consumer of this information.

1.3. The registered Service Provider may be located in any city or any region in the world.

1.4. By registering on, you agree to these Service Rules and agree to comply with them.

2. Basic Service Rules

2.1. Service Rules for Service Providers (private guides and instructors, schools, travel agencies, etc.).

2.1.1. Registration on is free for Service Providers. When registering the Service Provider should enter the following data:
* Name,
* Surname,
* City of Service (one or more)
* Language of Service (one or more)
* Description of training programs,
* Actuality, dates, time, cost of programs and so on,
* E-mail (e-mail).

2.1.2. After registration the Service Provider has an opportunity to create his own products, which will be linked to his profile (training programs and trips).

2.1.3. The created programs should contain the following fields:
* Name,
* City,
* Content (textual part)
* Photos (optional)
* Duration,
* Cost,
* Target audience and other fields.

2.1.4. Service Providers are obliged not to place their contact information (telephone number, e-mail, skype and other data) in the text, images and other information objects, except pre-agreed objects according to points 2.1.1 and 2.1.3.

2.1.5. Service providers are not allowed to place their services related to the provision of services of sexual nature.

2.1.6. In his correspondence with the User, the Service Provider agrees not to transmit directly to the User his contact information (telephone number, e-mail, skype and other data) in the text of the messages.

2.1.7. If the Service Provider  receives a Request for Service from the User (according to Request), he is obliged to respond either positively or negatively.

2.1.8. In case of a positive response to Request from the User, the Service Provider is obliged to provide the requested services in a specified time (date, time, place) in compliance with all data indicated in his own personal page and in the page of specified service (cities of services, language of negotiations, content and quality of services).

2.1.10. In case of successful payment by the User for the booking of the Request, the contacts of the Service Provider will be transferred to the User, and, in turn, the contacts of the User will be transferred to the Service Provider for the possibility of direct contact.

2.1.11. The Service Provider agrees that the cost of booking of the service by the User is at least 10% of the cost of the service and becomes a reward of for services provided for booking. The cost of booking is negotiated with each Service Provider separately.

2.1.12. The Service Provider receives payment for services personally from the User excluding the cost of booking. The provision of the necessary accounting documents (invoice, etc.) to the User is the responsibility of the Service Provider.

2.1.13. The service can change the cost of service for the User on the site at its discretion, reducing or increasing it at the expense of its own commission, which is specified in points 2.1.11.

2.2. Service Rules for the Users (the Consumers of Services)

2.2.1. Registration on the site is free for the Users. During registration, the User specifies the following data:
* Name,
* Surname,
* E-mail (e-mail)

2.2.2. It is a User who make a search for a Service Provider or a Service on the site.

2.2.3. When he chooses an interesting Service Provider or Service, the User makes a request for this service by pressing the button "Book" and pays the cost of booking through the payment service Yandex.Money. Payment is possible by using all available methods of payment provided by this payment system, including credit cards Visa, MasterCard and others.

2.2.4. Just after payment of booking cost, the request for a service is sent to the Service Provider. In case of a positive response from the Service Provider, the User receives to the specified contact address (e-mail) a voucher, which confirms the obligation of the Service Provider to provide the service according to the data from the site and data of the request: description of the program, cost, language, location, duration, date and number of persons.
In case of a negative response from the Service Provider, the cost of booking will be returned to the User within three (3) working days.

2.2.5. After payment of booking cost, the contact information of the Service Provider will be transferred to the User, and, in turn, the contact information of the User will be transferred to the Service Provider for the possibility of direct contact.

2.2.6. Payment of the remaining part of the Service cost is made by the User directly to the Service Provider. The possibility of payment of the remaining part of the Service cost by the credit card must be pre-agreed with the Service Provider. Responsibility for the receipt of this money and for the provision of the relevant accounting documents is assumed by the Service Provider.

2.2.7. In case of successful booking of Service, the User agrees to receive the booked service within specified terms (date, time, location) from the Service Provider.

2.2.8. Free cancel of booking is available no later than 7 days before the agreed time of start of service provision. In this case the cost of booking is fully returned to the User. If cancel is performed later than 7 days, the booking cost is non-refundable.

3. Copyrights

3.1. Service Providers are not allowed to place on their page or on the page of their service the information, which copyrights belong to third parties (photos, promotional materials). This requirement is also applied to logos and trademarks. In case of such a placement before the placement you must receive an approval in written form for their placement on

3.2. is not responsible for the use by the Service Providers the materials that are the property of a third party (photos, informational materials, etc.). In case of detection of the materials protected by copyright of third parties, after obtaining the request of the owner of this information, immediately blocks this information.

3.3. All information received from the Service Provider regarding the provided services is the property of the Service Provider.

3.4. All other information (photos, texts, etc.) is the property of The unauthorized distribution of information which belongs to without written permission - is prohibited.

4. Security and Privacy

4.1. All contact information provided by the Users and the Service Providers, is used only to provide services within the framework of service and not shared with third parties.

4.2. Service can block access to the Users or the Service Providers if they violate the service rules.

4.3. Service does not bear any responsibility for the information specified by the Users or the Service Providers and for the quality of services provided, limiting by granting the possibility of registration of User’s comments on the page of respective Service Provider. This comment will be available to all Users. Meanwhile this comment can be posted only by those Users who have used the services of this Service Provider.

4.4. In case of negative feedback on the quality of service provided by the Service Provider, can react by decreasing the rate of the Service Provider or by blocking the Service Provider.

4.5. The data provided by the Users and the Service Providers must not violate the generally accepted moral and legal norms. It is forbidden to use an offensive language.

4.6. The site is protected from hacking or unauthorized access by modern software and hardware. However does not guarantee the absence of risk of data interception during their transmission.

4.7. The site does not accept payments directly from the Users of services, and uses for this goal the payment gateway of Yandex.Money. In this regard, assumes no responsibility for any possible malfunctions directly associated with the payment accomplishment when you are on the site of payment system, as well as for possible disclosure of information about credit cards, the User's account, etc. The responsibility for receiving and processing of payments fully and completely is a responsibility of the payment system.

5. Contact Information

Tel .: +7 (499) 350-34-15